Engagement + reward = behaviour

I almost started by saying that in our recent Ofsted inspection we were lucky to be judged as outstanding for behaviour. However, on thinking about it, we weren’t lucky, we actually worked quite hard for it. So I guess what this blog is about is how we actually achieved it. And how we maintain those levels.

Outstanding behaviour isn’t something that can be turned on like a tap. It is something that is earned. It is something that is instilled in the children where such behaviour is learnt over time and rewarded accordingly.

Personally, I put our success down to a few factors.

1. From the Foundation Stage onwards, our learning is underpinned by our school motto. We call is BEST. It stands for Brave, Enthusiastic, Safe and Thoughtful. Ask any child in our school and they know what it means. Any behaviour issues are always linked to this. This promotes expectations of the children. A consistent application by staff is of paramount importance.

2. An engaging curriculum. If learning is interesting then children become engaged. If children are engaged then there is less scope for poor behaviour. It really is that simple.

3. Reward. We have always given the children ‘Golden Time.’ This shouldn’t be confused with free time as the options the children are given are always in areas of the curriculum and are well planned and structured. For example, lots of the children in KS2 are into sport. Therefore we organise sports tournaments for them. Similarly, there are computing children who love nothing more than creating a show on an iPad or making a game on Scratch. Children in our school have to earn this by following the school rules. Once again this promotes positive behaviour.

4. Providing extra-curricular activities. I work in upper KS2. We have a staff of teachers that provide a range of different clubs, all for free. Again these clubs are dependent on good behaviour in lessons. Again, selection for clubs is dependent on following the rules. A simple process. A very effective result.

So there you have it, our recipe for behaviour success. Oh, and before I go, I gained 20 extra viewers last time! Thanks for the support!

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