Adobe Slate – Presentation Software

Post-Sats week has been excellent. We have freed ourselves from the shackles of the pronoun and been very creative this week!

Our school uses a topic-based curriculum which continues to be really successful. This term’s topic is Seas and Oceans and as part of it this week, we have been looking at presentations about the dangers to them and how we can save them.

Adobe Slate

Adobe Slate

I’m pretty averse to death by PowerPoint (although it does have its uses) and so when I came across Adobe Slate I was pleased with the ease of the software as well as the results it produces. It is as simple as choosing your pictures and accompanying it with some text. Children can also change the themes of their presentation whilst including links, captions etc. Then the app does the work for you. The results were quite staggering and the work produced was created by my year 6s in about an hour. We could then embed the code into our year group blog and share with parents.

Save Our Seas!

As you  can see from the results, the presentation is professional and crisp. A good day’s work!

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