Moving on…

This time of year is always a busy time in year 6. At the moment we are right in the middle of a Vikings topic which for us in year 6 means production time! I actually wrote the production myself this year and the final cut is over 7000 words! I think next year we will be looking to buy one in! This alongside all the other learning involved means that time is of the essence!

It’s also time that our year 6s begin to think about moving onto their secondary schools. This is the first year our whole school has been single year groups so it will be a bit strange to have a whole new class next year. There is always a mixture of sadness at the children leaving but also excitement as we prepare them for the next phase of their educational lives.

One of the successes of this year for a number of our year 6s has been the extension of our digital leaders programme. I have blogged previously about the links we have made with the University of Northampton and we continued those links this week.

We were lucky to be invited again this week to an Inspire meeting. These meetings show what can be achieved when technology is combined with the arts. Creativity is being much discussed at the moment in the media and these meetings give educators the opportunity to share ideas of how STEAM can be implemented in an education setting.

This week the digital leaders we took had great fun! They took some time to dismantle a number of electronic devices before recycling the parts to create a range of birds. All the ideas can be seen here

The night was really successful and it is something that we will take back to school and share with colleagues and other year groups. Not only did it foster their inquisitive nature but the creativity they showed followed by the digital skills showed what an inspiring bunch they are!

This is really the end of the journey for our 2014-15 class of digital leaders. They have been excellent role models for our school and we hope that they will continue their interest in these areas as they get older.

The next step for us now is to recruit some more and get training with the University again. Watch this space!

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