Greenscreens Available! Cheap Prices!

I don’t blog often enough. I want to but I don’t. I would really like to change that and hopefully 2016 will be that year.

Anyway, I think that my classroom, and indeed my school, is full of good practice when it comes to utilising technology efficiently. One of my first blogs in April of this year mentioned the need to use it in this way rather than using technology for technology’s sake. I think that as I have continued the  journey, I have actually become more adept at this. I have listened to my own advice!

Greenscreen is brilliant. It’s engaging for children, it gives so many writing and speaking/listening opportunities and it is a lot of fun! I’m going to rewind to February 2014 when I first came across Helen Caldwell and Leon Cych. We spent a day (a free CPD day no less!) learning how to use a range of apps that incorporated greenscreen. The main app we used was GreenScreen DoInk

A blog on how to use it can be seen here


Photo Credit: elvisripley via Compfight cc

GreenScreen DoInk is a paid app but is so simple to use and gives great results. One thing I did learn from the Media Day is that you do not have to invest a lot of money to get great results. I guess the biggest investment is having the actual iPads because aside from that, it is easy to get great results on the cheap.

In my own house we have a great greenscreen studio. It is basically a tripod, an iPad and a large green piece of fabric I bought from a marker stall for £20. Of course, you’re not getting Hollywood standard of clarity but my own children love it! I did invest in a cheap iPad microphone but if you are filming close to the iPad, this isn’t really necessary.

I now have four similar ‘studios’ at school. Now a pop-up greenscreen will probably set you back £50 or so. I decided against this. I bought some A0 card from Amazon ,used gaffa tape to put several pieces together and backed it with green paper. It works! As long as you can find an area where the light is good, you don’t even need to buy lights for it!

We have used it for a number of things this year. We used it in our end of year production and recently it was used to present a video about the parts of a volcano. The children always buy into this and produce some great work! As they know it is going to be shared on the school YouTube channel, they really put a lot of effort into it!

So there you have it, greenscreen on the cheap! Big budget results for small investment! Why not give it a go?

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