Standens Barn TV!

With a new ‘batch’  of Standens Barn digital leaders coming off the production line, I thought it time to set the bar high and give them a new project. Enter Standens Barn TV. We have recently invested in some film making equipment and so the idea of Standens Barn News was born.

Around 4 or 5 years ago, I was  involved on a Media Day project with Helen Caldwell. I have always been interested in film making and over the years I have been using green screening on a regular basis. I learnt a lot from this course and would certainly recommend getting involved in the MOOC she is currently running where this type of technology will be discussed!


Back to the project. Much of the recent work I have done with the children from our school can be seen on our YouTube channel. On our current project we have combined the greenscreen aspect with interviews and more. Having a keen staff has also helped as they were chosen to be interviewed. They loved the results!

First of all you need content. At our school there is always something happening! This week we have had ‘living history’ trips out, a sculptor in residence, a Romans Day and lots of other exciting topics in our other year groups. We set up the links first of all and put them into iMovie, ready to be filled with content. After this, we made an effort to get some active shots of things happening. The children used the microphone feature to voiceover the shots to give it a professional feel.


The most impressive thing was that the children themselves came up with the links and questions and were just naturals! Then we got the interviews done before the final editing stage. This did not take long and I do think that a weekly episode is achievable. Much of the work will be done in our after school digital leader sessions.

On our first episode, I was there for technical support but as our weekly episodes continue, the independence of the children will increase. The results we have achieved were quite brilliant and have engaged the school who have shared the work.

The final results can be seen here

If you would like to know more then please tweet me!


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